Spa Services

Our goal is for you to bid farewell to the daily routine, slow down, and get used to the leisurely pace of your Villa Balboa experience. Your stay with us is a time to cherish loved ones, rekindle estranged friendships, catch up on reading and devote time to your interrupted hobbies.

Indulge with a professional treatment from one of our highly trained spa personnel in the comfort of your room.  Every option has been specifically designed to entice your body and mind into a tranquil state of bliss and well-being.  Each therapy is individually tailored by our therapists for your personal needs. We recommend that you receive a treatment upon arrival to set the relaxing tone of your vacation at Villa Balboa.


Mixed Techniques (Deep Tissue) $80 USD
Swedish $80 USD
Accupressure $80 USD
Reflexology (Relaxing Massage) $70 USD
Therapeutic $70 USD
Hot Stone $95 USD

Facial Deep $75 USD
Moisturizing $70 USD

Manicure $ 50 USD
Pedicure $50 USD
Mani/Pedi $75 USD