501C3 Giving

501–3(c) Giving

Charitable donations are down more than one third among the wealthiest Americans. Planned giving is a tool used to help philanthropic individuals support the charitable organizations causes near and dear to them.

Villa Balboa’s owners, Administrator and staff believe strongly in giving back and feel both blessed and honored to have the ability to do so.

Mary Miller, Owner MFLP, has a special place in her heart to help and has developed a program to help others by donating time at Villa Balboa. With the help of the following organizations she has been extremely successful so far in raising money for charities throughout the United States.

Among our success stories are:
Tony Hawks
Newport Beach Festival of Lights
Mission Hospital
Catalina Conservancy
San Francisco Wine Auction
Shea Center
Marconi Foundation for Kids
Concordia University
Prayers from Maria
Horizon Hampton Road

To have Villa Balboa help raise money for your charity and for more detailed information please contact Mary Miller, Owner MFLP at mary@villabalboa.com.